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No time for house cleaning? Let us help you!

Feng Shui for a Harmonious Home

Harmonious Home

Feng Shui begins by clearing the clutter in the physical space of your home allowing for a smoother flow of energy. Soon, you discover more peace and harmony in your personal space, your life, and your relationships.

We spoke with Roberta H. Binder, Feng Shui Master and former owner of Doylestown’s eco-emporium, The Kind Earth, about the relationship between Feng Shui and a clean house. Here are some insights and ideas for attaining extra harmony in your home through this ancient art of placement and energy flow.

HC: If Feng Shui involves the flow of energy, how does that relate to having a clean home?

RHB: Feng Shui (FS) is the art and science of peace and balance. It is achieved by creating smooth pathways for chi (energy) to flow easily through your home. Dirt is usually sticky, stopping the chi, and dust balls are a curiosity so chi will tend to chase them around rather than moving properly through your home. Actually, the first step in bringing balance to your home is through clutter clearing.

HC: Are things such as off-gassing of new furniture and carpets that contribute to indoor air pollution addressed in Feng Shui?

RHB: Most definitely. Environmental pollution is a critical area of concern. It takes the form of off-gassing as you mentioned, electro-magnetic pollution, and even chemical pollution from sources such as the detergent you put into your dishwasher.  The last item presents the easiest fix in terms of simply switching your detergent to a non-toxic brand.

HC: What first steps do you recommend for people interested in exploring the benefits of Feng Shui?

RHB: Even before bringing in a consultant or a pile of new DIY books – I would look at clutter. Clutter lurks in so many places, from the jumble of clothes in your closet to the pile of unread mail on the table.

HC: And then do you feel it is best to start with a DIY book on Feng Shui or consult with a professional?

RHB: Do-It-Yourselfers may be hesitant to pay for a home consultation. However, there are so many confusing books, articles, and internet sites, it is easy to become overwhelmed and decide to chuck the whole idea. Hiring a professional to evaluate your home and provide a personalized report and action plan is well worth the cost. The professional has been trained to see into the places and problems that are difficult to identify yourself in your own home.

HC: What benefits have you seen people experience when a professional Feng Shui consultation has been completed and activated?

RHB: The most remarkable is the peace that settles over the entire family, especially in homes with restless teens. The tension level often just evaporates. And frequently, simple FS enhancements create renewed relationships in marriage. Change may come dynamically and quickly or at a more gradual, but steady rate. Feng Shui is also important when purchasing and selling your home.

HC: Thank you for sharing your wisdom about Feng Shui. For more information, visit Roberta’s site at www.SacredEarthWisdom.com.

Roberta’s suggested reading:

The Declutter Workbook, 101 Feng Shui Steps to Transform Your Life, Mary Lambert – this little book will keep your de-cluttering on track!

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