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No time for house cleaning? Let us help you!

Workplace Safety – A Priorty at Harmony Clean, Inc.

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry recently approved the application for certification of the Harmony Clean, Inc. Workplace Safety Committee. The committee is made up of staff members who meet on a monthly basis to brainstorm and implement proactive measures to keep our house cleaning staff safe at all times. This includes recommendations like having an orange traffic cone in all cars in case of roadside emergency, hosting a workshop with a local veterinarian on safe pet interactions, proper lifting, defensive driving courses and more. The committee has even asked that as a company we remind homeowners (for our safety and theirs!), to change the batteries in their home smoke detector alarms twice a year when the clocks are changed with Daylight Savings Time.

Owner Vicki Brown also makes safety a priority in the office. The workshop she recently attended covered such topics as keeping office smoke alarms and fire extinguishers up to date, outlining exit route plans, handling intruders, aggressive visitors, or suspicious looking packages, and implementing emergency drills and code words. We are proud of the efforts of both the Safety Committee and the entire staff in making Harmony Clean, Inc. a safe place to work!

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