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No time for house cleaning? Let us help you!

Harmony Clean Staff Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month With Their New Pink Uniforms

HARMONY CLEAN PINK UNIFORMS BREAST CANCER AWARENESSAs part of our commitment to the community, Harmony Clean, Inc. has partnered with Cleaning For A Reason since 2007 and has donated over $30,000 and 250 free house cleanings to local women with cancer. “We provide a practical service to women battling cancer that benefits not only patients, but also their families who often become the main caregiver,” states co-owner, Vicki Brown.

There are no income restrictions; those in need simply register online and get matched with a local house cleaning company who then provides four hours of cleaning for four months at no cost.  “Our message to women is simply to let us focus on your home, so you can focus on your health,” adds Brown. Enrollment links and information can be found at CleaningForAReason.org.

“Devoting our time to service is an intensely gratifying experience in the way that a simple donation may not be. My cleaning business took on greater purpose when I began donating services to those in need. We all know the difference that a clean house can make. Imagine what a clean house means for a woman with cancer,” comments Debbie Sardone, Founder, Cleaning For A Reason. We agree whole heartedly!

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