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No time for house cleaning? Let us help you!

6 Years of Excellence. House Cleaning Service Award.

ARCSI HOUSE CLEANING SERVICE SEAL OF EXCELLENCEWe’ve worked hard to earn your trust, and here’s our proof! When ARCSI developed this prestigious, yet stringent, Accredited Seal of Excellence for House Cleaning Services in 2011, we confidently applied for their approval. Not only did we pass, but we’ve been honored six years in a row!

“As the not-for-profit international trade association representing the residential cleaning industry, ARCSI believes that in documenting and verifying information before awarding our prestigious seal, we are providing consumers a level of expectation and confidence regarding the professionalism, ethical business practices, and commitment to continuing education from the company they are considering giving access to their homes.”

Thank you for your vote! Best House Cleaning Service!

Harmony Clean wins Best House Cleaning Service 2016

We LOVE making homes Sparkle in and around Central Bucks County, Pa.

Your vote for our green house cleaning service tells us you value healthy home cleaning that is safe for you, your family, and even your pets!  VICKI Thanks you!

Shine on, Friends!

Doylestown Mayor Honors National Cleaning For A Reason Week, April 18th-24th, and Harmony Clean, Inc. for Service to Women Battling Cancer


For ten years, residential house cleaning businesses have been providing free house cleaning services across the nation for women undergoing cancer treatment.  Executive Director of Cleaning For A Reason (C4R), Lynn Frankenfield, recently expressed, “when you go into a home to help out and you see a wig on a stand and children patiently waiting for their lunch while mommy is sick in the bathroom, it puts your own troubles into perspective. It truly had a profound impact on me to experience firsthand the difference that a clean home makes for a woman battling cancer.”

The goals of celebrating National Cleaning For A Reason week are twofold. The first is to bring awareness to women who could use a helping hand. “The motto of the organization is to let us focus on your home, so you can focus on your health,” states Harmony Clean, Inc., co-owner, Vicki Brown. There is no income or other qualifying criteria; help is available to all women. The second is to bring awareness to other house cleaning or maid services that can join forces by partnering with C4R so more women can be reached and helped. “By receiving this proclamation from our mayor, we feel that the work of Cleaning For A Reason is truly recognized and appreciated in improving the lives of cancer patients and their families in our community,” states Brown.  Harmony Clean, Inc. has a twelve mile service area from Doylestown, Pa., but extends their zone to fifteen miles for this program.

The national nonprofit was founded by a maid service owner who wanted to give back to her community. While at an industry tradeshow she discovered that she wasn’t alone. Most of the other owner’s she spoke with were also already donating their services to those in their community in need on an informal basis. Debbie Sardone, founder of C4R, decided to organize these efforts and the results are astounding. To date C4R has recruited over 1,200 maid services to donate free house cleaning to women who are undergoing treatment for cancer. Local Doylestown participant, Harmony Clean, Inc., has been involved since 2007 and has volunteered their time to clean for 83 local women and donated over $38,000 worth of free services.

If you, or a woman you know, is battling cancer of any type and could use a helping hand, contact and click on the Patients tab. Or, if you own a cleaning service and would like to help, visit the website and click Maid Services/Inquire Now to learn more.

Vicki Brown Elected to Board of Directors

Vicki Brown Harmony Clean Inc ARCSI BOD MemberGiving back has always been important to our fearless leader, Vicki Brown, and with her recent election to the Board of Directors for The Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI), her contributions will reach even further.  Her three-year term began January 1, 2016.

ARCSI is the only non-profit member owned organization dedicated to advancing the home cleaning industry and represents members in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. Its accreditation process requires members to meet a rigorous set of industry and business standards in order to provide consumers with a professional and quality cleaning experience. Harmony Clean, Inc. is a charter member of ARCSI  and Vicki has attended their annual conventions, the Executive Leadership Summit, and serves as a new member mentor, and a Hot Topic Tuesday facilitator.

“Vicki is a key addition to the ARCSI Board of Directors,” said Ernest Hartong, CEO. “The ARCSI Board and its members will certainly benefit from her commitment to professionalization, and her depth of knowledge of our industry that covers everything from customer service to employee relations, and best business practices.”

Harmony Clean, Inc., provides professional house cleaning services to residents living in Central Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding area. Home cleaning teams use non-toxic, earth-friendly cleaning products without harmful synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals or phosphates. Harmony Clean, Inc. is a local, family owned business founded by Vicki Brown and her sister Debi Sarandrea in 2003.

Have you seen us around town?

HARMONY CLEAN FLEETThe Harmony Clean teams are heading out to sparkle. From Perkasie to Plumsteadville, Warrington to Wycombe,  Solebury to Silverdale – we cover a 12 mile radius from Doylestown, Pa. and we’re happy to help!  Need more time in your day and less stress in your life? Call today!

Exciting Earth Day Giveaway

HARMONY CLEAN, INC. BEST BUCKS UPCYCLED BANNER BAGSEveryone recognizes the Best of Bucks/Mont red logo. After winning this prestigious award several years, I realized we had a bunch of outdated banners but didn’t want to toss them into the landfill. That’s when the idea struck me to upcycle them into something useful and reusable, said Vicki Brown, president.

Harmony Clean, Inc. has been a leader in the local green movement since founded in 2003 when we started providing earth-friendly, non-toxic house cleaning services to the Doylestown and surrounding areas. Our green community outreach began when we hosted our Green Inspiration Contest and continued when we co-founded the Green Collaboration and sponsored several free community Earth Day Events. Last year’s event included 25 local and green vendors showcasing everything from organic clothing to natural foods and body care products. This year we are honoring Earth Day by asking people to briefly answer one of the three following statements:

Earth Day is important to me because __________________

(or) My favorite Earth Day green-living tip is ______________

(or) My favorite Earth Day green-living product is _____________

Five random winners will be selected to receive a fashionable one-of-a-kind upcycled vinyl tote bag that is both reusable and extremely sturdy. Click here for your chance to win.

And, stay tuned to our Facebook Page where we’ll  post contest responses each week to continuously promote a green-living lifestyle, products, and services (including green house cleaning!) in Bucks County, Pa.

Workplace Safety – A Priorty at Harmony Clean, Inc.

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry recently approved the application for certification of the Harmony Clean, Inc. Workplace Safety Committee. The committee is made up of staff members who meet on a monthly basis to brainstorm and implement proactive measures to keep our house cleaning staff safe at all times. This includes recommendations like having an orange traffic cone in all cars in case of roadside emergency, hosting a workshop with a local veterinarian on safe pet interactions, proper lifting, defensive driving courses and more. The committee has even asked that as a company we remind homeowners (for our safety and theirs!), to change the batteries in their home smoke detector alarms twice a year when the clocks are changed with Daylight Savings Time.

Owner Vicki Brown also makes safety a priority in the office. The workshop she recently attended covered such topics as keeping office smoke alarms and fire extinguishers up to date, outlining exit route plans, handling intruders, aggressive visitors, or suspicious looking packages, and implementing emergency drills and code words. We are proud of the efforts of both the Safety Committee and the entire staff in making Harmony Clean, Inc. a safe place to work!

Harmony Clean Inc. awarded Seal of Excellence

ARCSI  ACCREDITED LOGOThe Association of Residential Cleaning Services International’s Residential Cleaning Seal of Excellence is awarded to residential cleaning companies who meet a rigorous set of industry and business standards. Congratulations to Doylestown, Pa., house cleaning service Harmony Clean, Inc. for qualifying for this designation!

As the not-for-profit international trade association representing the residential cleaning industry, ARCSI documents and verifies integral information before awarding their prestigious seal. Their intention is to provide consumers a level of expectation and confidence regarding the professionalism, ethical business practices, and commitment to continuing education from a company they are considering giving access to their homes for professional house cleaning.

To earn the right to display the seal, a residential cleaning company provides the following documentation to ARCSI:

-proof of insurance, including liability and workers compensation

-proof that background checks are performed on prospective employees

-documentation of participating in on-going industry and business educational programs

-documentation of having been in business at least two years

    In addition, the company ownership and management agrees that they accept and will strive to adhere to the ARCSI Code of Ethics which can be found on their website at


    CLEANING KISSES FOR KYLE LIPS POSTER 2014Harmony Clean, Inc. helped make children’s wishes come true this holiday season by donating to The Kisses for Kyle Foundation, a Delaware Valley nonprofit that supports families with children battling cancer. Sharon Snyder founded the organization to honor the memory of her son Kyle who died of cancer before reaching age three, and to assist other families with the financial stress that often accompanies caring for their child once diagnosed with cancer.

    “In September we were looking ahead to the Holiday Season when we traditionally gift our clients with something local, green, or sustainable that aligns with our core values. That’s when the idea emerged to donate our gift budget to a local charity instead,” explains Vicki.  “The next day I received the newsletter and read about the amazing work of The Kisses for Kyle Foundation,” said Debi. “We already work with a cancer organization by providing free house cleaning service to local women battling cancer, but this also touched the hearts of our staff when we proposed our plan to them,” added Vicki.

    We set a goal to donate at least $500 by contributing a $1 for every house Harmony Clean, Inc. cleaned during the month of November.  Two staff members, Carol and Nancy, created a fabulous fund-raising board using a cut-out of lips representing a kiss, and each week logged the number of cleanings and raised the red bar on the lips to mark our progress.  “Rather than spending this money on client gifts, I feel strongly that every single one of our clients will be pleased to see this money donated toward providing some happiness and peace of mind to those impacted in our community,” said Vicki.

    Harmony Clean Staff Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month With Their New Pink Uniforms

    HARMONY CLEAN PINK UNIFORMS BREAST CANCER AWARENESSAs part of our commitment to the community, Harmony Clean, Inc. has partnered with Cleaning For A Reason since 2007 and has donated over $30,000 and 250 free house cleanings to local women with cancer. “We provide a practical service to women battling cancer that benefits not only patients, but also their families who often become the main caregiver,” states co-owner, Vicki Brown.

    There are no income restrictions; those in need simply register online and get matched with a local house cleaning company who then provides four hours of cleaning for four months at no cost.  “Our message to women is simply to let us focus on your home, so you can focus on your health,” adds Brown. Enrollment links and information can be found at

    “Devoting our time to service is an intensely gratifying experience in the way that a simple donation may not be. My cleaning business took on greater purpose when I began donating services to those in need. We all know the difference that a clean house can make. Imagine what a clean house means for a woman with cancer,” comments Debbie Sardone, Founder, Cleaning For A Reason. We agree whole heartedly!

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