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No time for house cleaning? Let us help you!

10 Years of Free House Cleaning For Local Women with Cancer through Harmony Helps


Hope, Love, & Harmony is printed across the front of the new pink company uniforms donned by the house cleaning technicians at Harmony Clean, Inc. for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. “This is our 10th year of providing free house cleaning to local women undergoing cancer treatment, so we redesigned our shirts to express our heartfelt commitment to our local community,” says owner, Vicki Brown.

Helping people find more time in their busy lives is what Harmony Clean, Inc. is all about. So when Vicki saw an opportunity to partner with a national non-profit dedicated to helping women in a tangible and important way, she signed up without hesitation. “Our motto is that we’ll focus on your home so you can focus on your health,” states Vicki.  To date, Harmony Clean, Inc. has given 103 women the gift of a clean house monthly for four months.

Having a clean home can bring much needed peace of mind to a person going through treatment who may not have the energy to keep up with cleaning tasks, and to their family who often become caregivers in addition to their many other roles. Since many patients have compromised immune systems and increased sensitivities, it brings additional comfort to them knowing that we use earth-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products that don’t leave behind any harsh chemical residues or artificial scents in the home. Serving a 12-mile radius from Doylestown, Pa.

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