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No time for house cleaning? Let us help you!

Healthy Home Cleaning (and living) Resources
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Naturally Clean, Guide to Safe & Healthy Non-Toxic Cleaning

Jeffrey Hollender

An easy-to-read guide to health and environmental dangers of traditional cleaning products. Includes a history of the chemical industry and provides safer, natural alternatives. A very interesting and fact-filled resource with easy action plans.

Better Basics For The Home, Simple Solutions for Less Toxic Living

Annie Berthold-Bond

A comprehensive guide covering not just house-cleaning, but laundry, body-care products, lawn care products and more. Provides over 800 recipes covering everything from window-washing to home-made furniture polish. Buyer’s guides for ingredients included.

Organic Housekeeping

Ellen Sandbeck

The Non-Toxic avenger shows you how to improve your health and that of your family while you save time, money, and perhaps, your sanity.

Natural Home Magazine

July/August 2006, Special Resource Guide: www.naturalhomemagazine.com


Debra Lynn Dadd, researcher, educator and author of numerous books on natural cleaning. From home page on website, click on “cleaning” from the column on the left.


An independent non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding the environment and transforming the marketplace by promoting the manufacture, purchase and use of environmentally responsible products and services.