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No time for house cleaning? Let us help you!

Our Services

Making Your Life a Little Easier & Greener!

When setting up a Continual Care Cleaning, we begin with an Initial Detail Clean. You'll enjoy this top to bottom house cleaning which allows us to prepare your home for the continual care schedule of your choice.

Initial Detail Clean

This is just shy of what many folks would think of as a Spring Clean (we don't take down drapes or pull everything out of closets), and provides a 'clean slate' (excuse the pun!), for your ongoing Continual Care Cleaning. For example, in addition to all the things listed under Sampling of Services we'll also:

  • damp wipe baseboards, chair rails, molding & door panels
  • dust ceiling fans and vents
  • remove hard-to-reach cobwebs
  • provide extra elbow grease & scrubbing power in bathrooms & kitchen

Continual Care Clean ~ Sampling of Services

Your Harmony Clean, Inc. team brings all of the necessary green products and equipment saving you time and money at the grocery store.

  • Bathrooms - Scrub & shine toilet, sink, shower, tub, floor & mirrors.
  • Kitchen - Clean & polish sink, counters, appliance faces & inside microwave. Damp wipe stove top, cabinets, tables & chairs. Dust shelves, vacuum & mop floors.
  • All other areas - Dust picture frames, knick-knacks (except fragile or delicate items), windowsills, shelves & furniture. Wipe fingerprints & smudges, vacuum & mop floors, empty trash (please provide replacement liners for your various trash bins).
  • Rotation - In order to maximize our cleaning efforts in the areas that matter most to you, we'll put some areas on a rotation schedule to clean every other visit. This would include items such as baseboards, ceiling fans and other high-reach areas. Your Customer Care Specialist will discuss the details with you as they apply to your home and needs.

Regular Schedules

Best for folks who enjoy coming home to a clean house, have busy lives, and would rather spend their time with activities they get pleasure from, and just plain 'ol don't have time to do the weekly cleaning.


Best for folks who enjoy coming home to a clean house - but have a bit more flexibility in their schedule, or perhaps a slightly tighter budget, and are able to handle some in-between cleaning on the alternate weeks to keep their home healthy and clean.


Best for folks with no pets or children who spend little time at home, perhaps travel often and need help with the heavier cleaning duties such as bathroom scrubbing and dust removal.

  • Top to Bottom Monthly - the condition of the home may vary from month to month so we'll clean for you by the hour and only charge you for the time needed each visit.
  • Priority Clean Monthly - you set a budget and give us your priorities and we'll clean in that order for the agreed amount of time. We may not be able to get all of the areas you listed due to varying conditions of the home from month to month, but you'll have the comfort of a set price and control of the list.

On-Call Schedules

Wedding, Baby Shower, Graduation, Birthday Party, Spring Clean or just a little 'Catch-Up-Clean?' We've got you covered. We can help you coordinate your cleaning priorities over the phone, help you select a budget, and customize a plan based on your needs. Give us a call.

Moving? We can prepare your new home to sparkle before you start filling up drawers and closets. We can also save you the time and energy of cleaning up all the dust balls that appear once you move your stuff and look behind the dresser that's been against the wall for ten years. We have a complete checklist to consider for your move-in or move-out cleans. Give us a call and we'll share our expertise with you. 215-230-7700

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